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Learn how investors think

Understand what they need to see from you

Build your investor pack live, with us

Prepare to pitch it perfectly


Whether it's your first, or next round, Seed to Series C, the fundraising bootcamp is for you.
Master fundraising and get a better deal.


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Stefan Svedberg

BeammWave AB
Malmö Cohort - Oct 2020
Raised €10m (Seed round)

Ben Powell

Cph Cohort - Jan 2022
Raised €1.5m (Pre-seed)

Jack Bidgood

Online Cohort - Jun 2021
Raised €17.5m (Series A)

Anthony Peake

Online Cohort - Mar 2022
Raised €2.3m (Seed round)

Jimmy Williams

Urban Jungle
London Cohort - Mar 2021
Raised €11.7m & €19.3m


Understand the current market

There is cash on offer, but investors are  cautious. Valuations are down and less deals are closing. You'll start by understanding how investors think, and their motivations.

The right funding option for you

Work through the numerous funding options you have for your business. Weigh up the pros and cons of each, and select your preferred way to raise.

Create a compelling story

Build your narrative away from the product, features & market. Focus on the investor's angle, show you can return the entire VC fund, and how. Show what others don't or can't do, or have missed.

Create your investor pack

The deck and supporting documents. These are essential. You'll build them together with your cohort, get feedback and guidance from our team, and leave with everything you need. From first contact to term sheet and deal closing.

Prepare your financials

You need to be able to talk confidently about your numbers. Build your financial storyline - like your company story, but financially focused. Traction, sales, projections - everything. Get your numbers straight and get comfortable talking through them.

Find the right investors

Not all investors are equal. We'll help you identify the ones who'll bring more to the to the table than cash, how to avoid time-wasters and detect those who have a secret interest in your company.

Pitch training

Nail your pitch, everytime. No more scripted, acronym-filled, robotic BS. You'll deliver your pitch confidently, naturally and convicingly. We build it with you, then iterate it until you're pitch-perfect.

Investor question prep

Getting stumped by a investor question. A founders' nightmare. We'll help you anticipate what they'll ask, and build the answer they'll need to hear.

Getting a good deal

Negotiating the right deal. Recognise potential pitfalls in an offer, and don't get screwed at the final stage.
Very important!


No-BS, interactive coaching, tailored to you

1:1 sessions, group learning and peer support

An experienced, helpful, friendly team

Access to our proprietary 4,500 EU/UK/US investor list

Proven document library. Tools, templates, CRM and emails.




Community Builder. 4 Startups. Barclay's Eagle Labs Mentor.


Angel Investor. Tech Veteran. Serial Entrepreneur. Former Investment Banker Raised $200M+.

1 IPO • 1 Bankruptcy • 8 Companies


Startup advisor & investment banker. Tech veteran with over 25 years of experience.


Pitch Delivery Expert.
Startup Specialist.


Join us online or in-person for live coaching at one of our up-coming cohorts.

Next: Early 2023
3 weeks. Live, online.
Distributed schedule 
Group & 1:1 sessions
Next: London, 28th Nov
1 week. In-person
Intensive schedule
Group & 1:1 sessions
You tell us.
We bring the bootcamp to you. Partner with us or request a custom cohort.

Next COHORT: OnlinE - 19th Sept - 7th Oct


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Seriously, the inside knowledge and experience we got here can't be emulated or gained on some get-rich-quick type of online 'courses' - it takes people with deep insight and rich experience (also experience in failing and making mistakes) to understand this world, and that's who Marcela and Francois are.

Sjtepan Zelić


Ljubljana cohort - May 2022

You are often told as a founder to beware of paid for services promising funding help. Fundraising Bootcamp is not that. It's THE coaching service you need to reach funding goals. To be honest it's priceless. Fundraising is no longer alien. I now know exactly what to do and have my messaging 100% right. 

Sarah Wernér


Online Cohort - June 2022

This was the single most valuable fundraising training I’ve ever had. Despite having raised before, there was so much I learned here that has completely change the way I fundraise. I have the tools, templates and processes to now run the most effective fundraise possible for Vistalworks. I urge all founders to invest time in this programme before they start seriously fundraising.

Vicky Brock


Tech Nation Cohort - Mar 2021


Is the Fundraising Bootcamp for me?

The Fundraising Bootcamp is for founders who are planning to raise investment from Venture Capital funds and have a company with some traction and mature enough to start thinking about raising investment in a not-so-distant future. 

We’re used to having alumni from Seed to Series C on our programme – and highly encourage you to apply regardless of your stage – and they are usually tech or tech-enabled products.

When is the right time to go through Bootcamp?

Most founders plan too little time when they go fundraising: unprepared, they deliver poorly, have no time to incorporate feedback and iterate, and end up with no, or bad, term sheets. 

In an ideal world, you should join a minimum of 6 months before you plan to close your round. Data shows it takes on average 23 weeks to do so, so in the perfect scenario, you have that sort of runway left. 

If you have less than six months, however, you should still join because the Bootcamp will lessen the chances of you screwing up the process. There are shortcuts and we offer you some tools that will definitely save you time, like an investor list with over 4,500 investors with their updated contacts and details. 

Is there a difference between Online and Offline programmes?

The content of both cohorts is exactly the same. It's exactly the same curriculum, exactly the same number of hours and exactly the same number of sessions. 

The online programme happens in 3 weeks, taking between 2 to 3 hours every day. It's really intense, but you still have some time during the day to run your startup and have a life outside the programme. We run much more online programmes than offline programmes because they’re easier for people from everywhere on the planet to join. 

The offline seems more intense simply because it's done in only a week, 8 hours per day. It's the same programme that happens online but packed in a short time, focused on people who prefer to do it in person and/or want and can afford to stop everything else in their lives for a whole week. It is, obviously, location-based. 

Which one of the programmes is the best: online or offline?

If you prefer to stop everything for a week to focus on the Fundraising Bootcamp, we suggest you do it in person. 

If you can't imagine stopping for a week and would much rather have time to digest what you learned, go through the exercises, discuss everything with your team and come back, we suggest you do it online. 

Both programmes are the same. It’s the same curriculum, the same quality and the same outcomes. 

Is the online programme live?

Yes. Our online programme is fully live, nothing is pre-recorded.

Do we work on my pitch deck during the programme?

Yes! The pitch deck gets quite a bit of attention during the programme as we use it as the north star for the rest of your documentation. When you’re able to crystallize what you do and build a good investor proposition in your deck, it's much easier to create the rest of the documentation using the pitch as a base. 

During the programme, we help you crystalize the message, find diamonds in the rough and perfect your presentation. You have four sessions with our full attention dedicated to your deck exclusively. We get together in small groups and everyone has their chance to present their decks, ask for suggestions and recommendations from both our co-founders and also from other founders. This all happens live, while you can answer questions and ask further. 

Do I get any one on one time with Francois Mazoudier?

Francois teaches all knowledge sessions, all Q&A sessions and some iteration sessions too. He also joins most, if not all of our post-programme catch-up calls, in case you have questions or challenges along the way, and is part of our community of founders – recurrently answering questions over there too. 

Will I have all the emails of every single one of the investors on your list?

When you graduate, you will get a list of all the investors on the list and will have a clear methodology on how to qualify, assess and filter your ideal target list. When you send that back to us, we enrich that data with the emails for you.

Will I lose access to the materials, tools and templates after the end of the programme?

Founders have ongoing access to our materials, tools and templates. 

How does the "Money-Back Guarantee" work?

If you join a cohort and think you’re not getting any value from it, we will refund your money in full. All we ask is that you show up to sessions and put in the time. If you attend the course and still feel like it was not worth your investment, we're happy to refund you – just so you know, nobody has ever asked for their money back so far. 

Why is the programme so expensive?

Whether you raise a seed or a larger round, our cost is a rounding error after the comma; Sub 1%. If you raise a million or £50m it will cost you the price for one ticket and you will get everything you need – for life, not for each round. 

We also don’t get any % out of your round – what you raise is yours to keep. Our metric of success comes from your round being a success.

Does the programme really work?

We're biased but yes, it does. Most of our alumni have gone to raise anything from £500k to £15mi following their participation in Bootcamp. If you’re not sure about that, check our wall of love or even try to reach out to some of our alumni on LinkedIn. 

I’m not sure if VC investment is for me

As a general rule of thumb, and simplifying to the extreme, VC is for you if you are: Ready to scale rapidly, willing to give up equity and dilute your ownership in your company while being willing to play by the rules of VC investors – which means a 10-year marriage you can’t easily divorce. Moreover, ideally, you have found your product-market fit and have some traction (clients, customers, users) to show. If venture capital is not for you, there are other alternative forms of funding you can also consider. 

I’m not sure if the Fundraising Bootcamp is for me

The Fundraising Bootcamp is for you if you are looking to raise capital from VC funds and know that you could run this process more efficiently and with better outcomes than you would on your own. 

The programme is likely to help you reduce the pain and the pitfalls of the process, make you raise from investors you actually want and at a better valuation than you would if you set out on your own. We have alumni that have raised money before going through the Bootcamp and first-timers as well. 

Do you take any equity? Do you take any success fee?

We don’t. Our pricing structure is super simple and straightforward: we charge a fixed fee for the programme and what you raise is yours to keep. We don’t take any equity of your company and we don’t take a success fee for whatever you raise.

Will I have my documentation ready by the end of the programme?

By the end of the programme, you should have your pitch deck either fully ready or close to ready. We focus on the pitch deck as the document that will guide the rest of your documentation.

Most founders tend to struggle to simplify and crystalize their investor proposition, so we make sure you have that starting point ready to then build the rest of your documentation pack. 



Sweden’s most active startup investor and government support organization.

Public-private organization that helps Dutch Tech entrepreneurs scale to the US.

Public fund to support early and later stage startups and SMEs in the CEE region.

UK’s leading network for ambitious tech entrepreneurs locally and internationally.

Croatia-based, it’s one of the largest and most successful AI incubators in Europe.


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